United States Boy Scout Uniforms: 1960s Vintage Clothing

Figure 1.--This is a vintage 1960s Scout uniform. Note the overseas cap. The nickerchief appears to be the standard BSA issue. Red neckerchiefs were also common. Note the tanish color.

HBU readers have provide some images of vintage Scout uniforms in the 1960s. They provide an opportunity to assess the details of the uniform and the styles worn. As vintage uniforms can be photographed in color, the color of the uniforms can also be assessed. We note that the kerchiefs seem to be mostly standard rather than council kerchiefs. Note that this Scout unifoirm had a tanish kind of khaki color. We also see uniforms with a greenish color. We are not sure why this was and what the BSA's officil policy was as to the color of the unifom.


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Created: January 7, 2003
Last updated: 9:10 PM 10/25/2015