** U.S. boy scout uniforms: The 1960s

United States 1970s Boy Scout Uniforms: Types of Uniforms

Figure 1.--Here are two boys off to therir first Dcout camp in the 1970s. As they have not bages on their brand new unifiorms thy lool to have just advanced from Cub to SDcout. Mny Scout camps had requirted uniformsd. Scout.

U.S. Boy Scouts wore several uniforms during the 1970s. There were several different uniforms. Each uniform has a different purpose. Seasonality was a factor, nboth warm and coldf weather wear. Formalityy was also an issuer. Courts of Honor usually require a full dress uniform, especially an Eagle court, or one where an award from the local or National Council is being presented. A camping trip over a weekend, while also necessitating long pants and a long sleeved shirt, would not take all the medals, knots, service stars, etc., of the dress uniform.
Formal or dress: Long sleeved shirt, long pants, medals, neckerchief (Scouts), necktie (adults), Loafer or Oxford shoes.
Summer Dress: Short sleeved shirt (neckerchief for Scouts, open collar for adults). Long pants. Square knots or medals, at the disgression of the unit, but the unit must be uniform--they all wear medals, or they all wear square knots. Loafer or Oxford shoes.
Summer: Short sleeved shirts, shorts, knee socks (with garters and tabs). The short pants were generally cut at just above the knee at the beginning of the decade, but by the end of the decade the new shorter cur shorts had become more common. Knots/medals optional. Open collar for all, except if a collarless shirt is worn, then a neckerchief is worn. Shoes or boots.
Summer Camp: Many Scouts did not wear the short oants unifirm, but shorts were becoming more common in the 1970s. Scout at summer camp almost always wore short pants. Often they came to camp in the full Scout unifirm, but for most activbities dressed more infirmally. Shorts were usually required. It commonly involved camp or Scout T-shirts during the day for activities. Knee socks w/tabs and garters were optional. Camp shoes or boots were worn. The Scout shirt and kerchief was worn for church call and special events.
Other; Other uniforms included the "Fall or Spring Camp" uniform, with long pants, long sleeved shirt, Knots optional, boots or shoes suitable for the conditions and terrain.


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