Boy Scout Movement: Internationalism--Foreign Scouts

Figure 1.--This brother and sister were Greek. I think that these are Greek Scout uniforms. The portrait was taken in Alexandria Egypt, we tink during the 1930s. We do not know if there ewre Greek Scout units in Alexandria or if perhaps they have joined British units. Click on the image for a fuller discussion.

Scouting proved to be such a populsr movement that Scout associations wre organized in most counties around the world. And many boys and girls no matter where they lived wanted to persue Scouting. This included children living in foreign countries. This included children living overseas premanently as well as those whose parents were living overseas on temporary or short-term assignments. Here there were different options. They might join the local Scouts. Others might form there on Scout troops. This would be the cade where large number of foreigners are living in overseas communities. This might be the case of European countries (British, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, and others) with colonies. Some children lived in places with large, but diverse foreign communities. I am not entirely sure what they did. Tey may have formed a kind of international troup or joined with troops formed by the dominant foreign group. Perhaps readers will have more informatoon on this. A British reader writes, "In overseas locations many children would have attended international schools. Often these schools operate out of school activities. One of the activities often offered is scouting and it is often how children join the organisation. Many of these international schools, especially ones in Egypt night have been British. The word 'British' doesnot mean it was Brit owned it might have non-Brit owners who taught British curriculum.


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