Sea Scout Uniforms: Azerbaijan

Figure 1.--This 1994 image shows a group of Sea Scouts apparently in a camp at Vodnisk. A reader tells us that this is a Sea Scout in Azerbaijan.

Scouting was not possible in Azerbaijan during the Soviet era. Wgen independence (1992) groups in Azerbaijan have tried to create a Scouting movement. We have virtually no information on these efforts at this time. A reader has, however, forwarded us a photograph of a group of Sea Scouts taken in 1994. The boys wearh white sailor hats and blue uniforms. The boys wear a short pants uniform. Azerbaijan is a predominatrely Muslim country. Often Muslim boys don't like to wear short pants. Perhaps because of the Soviet experience this is not the case in Azerbaijan. Or perhaps these are mostly ethnic Russian boys. We do not know if Scouting has more appeal to the Russian than the Azeri boys. We have no further information, but the boys seem to be at a fairly established camp. The image is labeled Vodnisk, perhaps the location of the camp. It sounds more Russian than Azeri.


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Created: 7:51 PM 10/24/2004
Last updated: 7:51 PM 10/24/2004