Uniforms of Boys' Youth Groups: Unknown Groups--Ukranian Camp

Figure 1.--The children at this Ukranian summer camp wear uniforms of blie shirts and short pants. We believe it is run by a youth organization, but have few details. Note the organization shied on the left sleeve. Also note the Islamic girls from Central Asia wearing head scarves.

Rivers Summer Camp

We note what looks to be a youth organization operating summer camps in post-Soviet Ukraine. It appears to be using summer camp facilities of the old Pioneer movement. We know nothing about the groups, even if it is Russian, Ukranian, or some kind of international group. The camp appears to have begun operating in 1997. It may be simply a private group operating a camp, but recruitmnt through schools and the uniforms involved suggest some kind of organization. We have however, no information on that organization or indeed on just who sponsors or operates the camp. We note that some children from the former Soviet Central Asian republics attend the camps. The activities seem to be traditional camp fare with computers added in. Activities included: hikes, games, sailing, picnics,and computer training. Some of te activities seem a bit rough, note the battle scared boys. One has a cut lip. Another has a graze on his knee. A HBU reader reports, "The two children who went from my school enjoyed it. The children were a brother and sister. They flew to the Ukraine and camp leaders met them and took them to the camp. Here they were put into 12 group and they did things together. The other members of the 12 group came from other places."

The Ukraine summer camp is located at Hersons on the Black Sea. It is now called Rivers, but was the famous Artek camp in Soviet days. I am not sure who owns and operates the camp today. Children are apparently recruited through schools througout Russia, the Ukraine, and the rest of the post-Soviet Commonwealth.

Tajik Campers

We know of two Tajik children that attended the camp in 2003. Sponsorship came through the Yuri Gagarin Russian School, Dushanbe, Tajikistan. It is a former Pioneer Camp facility which is now operated by a private children’s camp company. Children attended it from many countries within the Soviet Union. The camp operates on a monthly rotation bases. The two children attending from Tajikistan were there for the 6th session. The camp facilities are found in the city of Hersons. This is located on the Black Sea. The camp is at the Artek complex. Here are many camps. The one the children attended is called Camp River. The Camp logo is a duck in a sailor suit. The children are grouped according to age. The children were placed in two different houses or corps. The boy was a member of 8th corps and his sister was a member of 12th Corps. All the children attended the 6th session or contingent. The area appears to be in a historical part of the Ukraine because the children have been photographed in front of what appears to be Greek style pillars and buildings.


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Created: September 10, 2003
Last updated: September 14, 2003