World War II Home Front: The Schools

Figure 1.--This German school scene is undated. It could have been taken before the War. We can't help but wonder just what this boy was being told in his class and what the purpose of the drawing on the blackboard was.

One interesting question concerniung World War II is wghat was going on in the schools of the various combatant countries. Here we are interested in what went on the schools leading up gto the War. We are interested in what the children were told in the schools about the War. We recall some children recalling teachers who kept maps in their classroom to mark the various locations were battle took place. The schools in Britain and Germny were used to organize evacuar=tion of children because of the strastegic bombing campaiogns. The NAZIs in some occupied countries closed the schools and arrested teachers. Here we have countries in which there was a free press, but of course restrictions on how the War news was reported. There were also schools in countries without a free press. Then there were sdchools in countries occupied by both the Axis coubntries and the Soviets. There were a variety of activities in schools. School children were used to collect material needed in the war effort. American schools sold War Stamps as part of the effort to finance the War and dampen inflation. Our information here is very limited, but we are interested in collecting information on this subject. We would be very interested in any inforfmation readers may have.



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