Reciprocal Links: Toys

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HBC has a an Acrtivities section and part of that section is information on children's toys. We thus have begun to add some actual modern toy retailers to our HBC Retail reciprocal links pages.

Shop online for a wide variety of Corolle and great deals on beautiful Corolle collectibles! Find the right one for yourself at

Dress up games

Doll maker dress-up games to create cartoon dolls and design avatars with HTML Codes for profiles and pages. Fashion art community for kids provides doll games, fashion contests and information about styles and trends.

Little Froggies

Elementary school toys, teacher supplies, home school supplies and learning toys - Little Froggies toy and teacher supply site built for teachers, students and elementary schools. Official purchase orders from elementary schools are always welcome!


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Created: 11:08 PM 5/2/2007
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