Long Pants Suits: 20th Century

Figure 1.--By the 1990s suits were even being worn in a casual manner. This boy in the spring of 1999 wears his suit without a tie and with open toe sandals..

Reserving long pants for older boys and men remained a common convention in America, England, and Europe up to the First World War. After the war, fashion standards became much more diverse. American boys commonly wore knickers, but increasingly younger boys began wearing long pants. The conventions in Europe varied widely from country to country and family to family, but usually boys throughout Europe did not get long pants suits until an older age than was the case in America. Did this not begin to change in many cases until the 1960s. Clothing in the 20th century became increasingly casual, no where more so than in America. Boys after the 1930s began to wear suits less, including long pants suits. Long pants suits by the 1960s were becoming the standard for boys wear. By the late 1900s boys were even developing casual styles for suits.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: December 8, 2000
Last edited: December 8, 2000