Fauntleroy-Look Collar and Wrist Trim: Other Suits

Figure 1.--These unidentified children were probably photographed in the 1880s. We;re not sure about the gender of the younger child. The older child does not wear a Fauntleroy suit, but mother has chosen a Fauntleroy blouse with rufflked collar and wrist trim as well as a floppy bow.

Boys wore Fauntleroy trim with a wide range of suits. Younger boys might wear this trim, perhaps because mothers could not afford a fancy velvet suit. The Fauntleroy look was so popular that many mothers wanted to use it even after a boy had grown out of his Fauntleroy suit. They seemed to have felt that it was not really suitable for a boy to have an older-boy look yet. Here rather than a Fauntleroy blouse, pin-on collars might be used. These were items thay could easily be put on or taken off. Again matching wrist cuff trim was common. These Fauntleroy blouses and pin-on Fauntleroy trim were also worn with other suits than Fauntleroy suits. A good example is Raymond J.D. Webb in 1900. Mothers would commonly add this trim to more mature suits for the first few years a boy night wear them.


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Created: 7:23 PM 2/27/2007
Last updated: 6:34 AM 11/6/2011