Belgian Boy Choir Costumes

Figure 1.--This is a photograph of a boy who is a member of the "Schola Cantorum Cantate Domino" boys' choir of Aalst, Belgium. He wears a blzer with grey short pants and white kneesocks.

Choir costumes and school uniforms in Belgium are quite similar to French styles. This is one of the reasons that we think that the revival of the boy choir tradition in Belgium is related to the revival in France. Some of the Belgium choirs continued to wear the uniforms that were first introduced. We see one choir wearing blazers like British choirs, but this does not seem to have been very common. Other Belgian choirs wear blue sweatters and short pants like some French choirs. Actually Belgium being somewhat more traditional than France, traditions have persisted longer in Belgium than in France. We are not yet sure about performance costumes, especially when singing for religious ceremonies. Hopefully a HBC visitor will eventally provide more details and some interesting insights.


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Created: November 2, 1998
Last updated: 7:03 PM 7/17/2005