Tajikistan Children's ChoirsFirst Music School

Figure 1.-- This is the Choir of the First Mudsic School. Despite limited facilities, the children learn to play and sing music to a high standard.. Image courtesy of the the Father Carlos St Joseph Church Photographic Archive.

Talking with Father Carlos, the priest of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Dushanbe he told me about the First Music School of Dushanbe. They meet after school funishes in a delapidated building to make music. A good number of children occupy their free time learning the arts of music here. The school teaches children to play a variety of musical instruments. It is unusual in that it has a children's choir. It gives public performances. I first got to here about in January 2003. It seems that a children's choir had performed at St. Joseph's Christmas Carol service. The music school meets in delapidated buildings which had no working heating system until a donation allowed for its repair and to fix a hole in the roof. The school is also short of musical instruments. Despite these difficulties children learn to play and sing music to a high standard. Fortunately Father Carol had photographed this event and a photograph of the choir existed. The choir dress in their best clothes for a recital.This can be long panted suits, white shirts and ties or ja white shirt without a tie. The girls wear dresses and trouser suits. Younger girls have bows in their air and white lace collars.

William E. Fergusson


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