Boys' Musical Costumes--Popular Music and Entertainment: Unknown Japanese Group

Figure 1.--We do not know the name of this Japanese group. We suspect, based on the hair styles, that they performed during the 1970s.

We note a Japanese children's pop group. We are not sure about name of the group. It may be "The Clippers". We do not have any information about the type of music they performed. The group has five members. They seem to have been composed of four boys and a slighter older girl. They look to be about 10-14 years old in the available photographs. They apparently were popular in the 1970s. HBC has received publicity photographs of a popular Japanese boys's group. A set of publicity shots shows them costumed in fancy outfits, but I am not quite sure how to describe the style, perhaps a vaguely European folk look. It does not look Japanese to us. One photograph shows them in small matching ponchos. The publicity photographs show the group wearing short pants and white kneesocks. Other than that, however, they appear to have had a variety of different costumes. Some are rather elaborate, have a vague look of European folk costumes. Hopefully our Japanese readers will provide further details on the group.


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Created: February 10, 2002
Last updated: 3:05 AM 1/17/2005