Horse Back Riding Styles: Asrtide

Figure 1.--This is an unidentified CDV A Cdv image circa 1870's. The photographer is unidentified, but was English. The boy is named as John James Cutsaw. Note that he appears to be wearing his ordinary clothes, except for leggings, rather than riding attire. Image courtesy of the MD collection.

Men from the time of the domestication of the horse have riden astride. This became even more significant with the invention of stirups. This allowed the a rider the support needed to strike a forceful when mounted. European women did not commonly ride astride until after World War I. After the War, woman for the first time would appear in pants. One of the types of pants were jodpurs or riding pants. So dressed it was possible for girls to modestly ride astride. We have noted portraits of boys riding hobby horses side saddle, or at least photographed sitting side saddle. We have not yet noted boys in dresses riding actual horses side saddle. All of the images we have noted when the child has been confirmed as a boy were riding side saddle. There are unidentified images that we are unsure about, as it is so difficult to be sure about the gender of younger children in old photographs. As far the identifed images or images that seem to be definitely boys, all show boys riding stride.


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Created: June 30, 2003
Last updated: June 30, 2003