Illustrators: Albert Louis Ulrich Hendschel (Germany, 1834-1883)

Figure 1.--I'm not sure when Hendschel drew this charming illustration of a big sister helping her little brother with his collar bow. We would guess it was drawn in the 1860s. Note the boy's stripped stockings.

A German reader has suggested adding Albert Hendschel to our list of illustrators who have drawn childre, providing interesting historical images. Many of his sketches were never published because in the 19th century they had to be engraved and he flet this would spoil them. He became more interested in publishing once publication was possible through photolithography. The line drawings we have seen are very senitively drawn with a lot of useful details on clothing.

Hendschel Website

Albert Louis Ulrich Henschel was born in Frankfurt/Main in Germany on June 8, 1834. His father was a publischer and geographer. So he had the means to finance an education at an art school for his son. But Albert Hendschel never attended a real art academy. Despite his obvious talent, he decided not to illustrate books because at the time, illustrations had to be prepaired for publishing by "engravers in wood". In Hendschels opinion they destroyed the caracter of the pictures. So he filled a lot of portfolios with pictures just for himself. Finally friends convinced him to publish his work. The development of photolithography resolved his concerns over the loss of quality. Fourty prints were combined in a portofolio called: "Aus Albert Hendschels Skizzenbuch" (possible translation: "From Albert Hendschel's sketch-book"). His father published them. There were no advertising campaigns. It was enough to show his pictures in shop windows to make him known in Germany. There were further portofolios with pictures ("Ernst und Scherz"; "Lose Blätter"; "Allerlei" possible translations could be: "Seriousness and Joke; "Loose Sheets"; "Medley"). Albert Hendschel died on October 22, 1883.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: September 27, 2002
Last updated: September 27, 2002