Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Jean Louis Canon (French, 1809-92)

Figure 1.--This painting has been attributed to Canon. The depiction is historical, looking rather like the 16th century, as a result the accuracy of the clothing and hair style depicted is questionable.

HBC has never heard of this French artist. An e-Bay seller tells us that he is listed: Benezet Thieme-Becker. We have not yet been able to check this attribution or to find any internet art sites which mention him. We have no biographical information. We note one portrait of a boy in period clothing. We know of no similar portraits in contemporaty clothing. We do not know how accurate the depiction is or to what extent the artist reserached the historical period. We note that the collar ruff dates the historical period to the 16th century. We do not know how common long ringlet curls were in the 16th century. Long hair was common, but we are not sure about the ringlets.


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Created: June 24, 2002
Last updated: June 24, 2002