Heinrich Knudsen (Denmark, ??)

Figure 1.--This is a portrait painted by Heinrich Knudsen in 1942. The boy's identity is unknown. He looks to be wearing a velvet romper suit.

Heinrich Knudsen was a Danish artist who we know was active in the 1940s. We know nothing about him at this time. We do note a portrait he painted during the NAZI occupation of Denmark. It shows a young boy perhaps 3 or 4 years old. He is wearing a dark blue velvet suit with a Peter Pan blouse. The suit looks to be a romper suit, but it is difficult to be sure from the portrait. We do not know who the boy was, but we know the portrait was painted in 1942.

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Created: 1:15 AM 9/10/2004
Last updated: 1:15 AM 9/10/2004