Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: J. T. Mitchell (England/America, 17??-18??)

Figure 1.--The portrait here is a minature of an unidentified English boy done in 1801. One agent believes that it was done by J.T. Mitchell..
J.T. Mitchell was a well-known British-American miniaturist who exhibited in London between 1798 and 1830 and was also active in the United States. We note some portraits of children. We do not have confirmed portraits by him. We do note a minature that one dealer attributes to Mitchell, "Portrait of a Boy" (1801). The boy is unidentified, but we believe that he is English. The minature was a water color on bone wafer. The reverse has hair work inscription signed with monogram. perhaps the sitter. (Click on the image.) It was done in 1801.


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Created: 2:08 AM 12/8/2004
Last updated: 2:08 AM 12/8/2004