Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: Spyros Papaloukas (Greece, 1892-1957)

Figure 1.--Spyros Papaloukas painted "The Child with the Suspenders" in 1925. Notice not only the boy's suspenders, widely worn in the years before World War II, but also the short-cropped hair.

Spyros Papaloukas is one of Greece's great modern artists. His heavily stylized paintings are quite unique in Greek art. Papaloukas' work is clearly influenced by the French impressionists. Some art experts belive that Cezane and Matisse were particularly important to him. Some of his works remind me of Van Gogh. He was also deeply influenced by Greece's Byzantine traditions and did work on icons and other religious themes. Papaloukas executed some particularly notable landscapes and panoramaic village scenes, but we know of one portrait illustrating boys' clothes. One notable portrait is "The Child with the Suspenders" (1925). The boy has suspenders which were widely worn in the years before World War II. The subject also has the short-cropped hair that was very common in Greece until after World War II.


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Created: April 27, 2002
Last updated: April 27, 2002