Soviet Artists: V. Snopov (Mid-20th Century)

Figure 1.--Here we see Lenin and Petrova with four children. It appears to be based on a 1922 photograph taken in Gorky. In true Soviet fashion, the childrebn were changed. Notice the Red Army cap and Russian blouse the boy at the left wears.
We note a painting by V. Snopov of the Lenin and Petroka with four children. We are not sure just who the children are, The painting is remaravly similar to the photograph here so presumably represents a scene in Gorky, only the children are different. One boy wears a Red Army cap. We know nothing about the artist at this time. It seems arather cartoonish work, but the subject is interesting. Dictatorships seem to love to show that the dictator loved children and were in return were adored by them. This seems a typical piece of Soviet art work. Any kind of abstraction or impressionist art was dicouraged as part of Stalin's personal taste. This became known as Soviet realism. It continued long after Sytalin's death in 1953.


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Created: April 1, 2004
Last updated: April 1, 2004