Artists Illustrating Boys' Fashions: August Toersleff (Denmark, 1884-1968)

Figure 1.-- August Toersleff grew up in Germany. He traveled widely in Europe. He specialized in children and youth. I think many of the paintings were of Danish children. We know nothing about the portrait here except that it was done in 1927.

August Toersleff

August Toersleff is a listed artist. He spent his childhood in Leipzig where his father worked as a voice coach. Over time Toersleff developed a beautiful tenor voice and he played the cello. However, it was his talent for painting that became his calling. He spent two winters with Holger Groenvold at Technical School and this time became of great influence to his painting. He went to the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, but the lessons bored him and as his drawings and paintings, on his first separate exhibition in 1902, caught the interest of the public he left the academy. Two years with Laurits Tuxen at the Artists' Study School and a few months as P. S. Kroeyer's private pupil completed his education. Toersleff mainly painted portraits in oil. But he also produced some etchings and painted landscapes and figure compositions with children and young people. He traveled to France, Germany and England. Toersleff exibited at Charlottenborg for several years. A good example of his work is "Boys on Cliffs"(1931).

The Boy

We know nothing about the portrait here except that it was done in 1927. Presumably he is a Danish boy. He looks to be about 8 or 9 years old. To be able to afford a portrait he came from an affluent family. This presumably ws his best suit. Note it is a jacket thst buttons to the collar without lapels. His hair is cut in bangs.


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