H.A. Bryan (United States, 1860s)

Figure 1.-- Here we see H.A. Bryan in a CDV portrait probably made in the 1860s. He werars a cut-away jacket ober a dress and pantalettes.

Here we have a CDV studio portrait by "Hesler, Artists", 113 Lake St., Chicago. The portrait is undated, but looks to have been taken in the 1860s. The boy is H.A. Bryan. He looks to be about 4 years old. This photograph is from a cabinet card/cdv album containing portraits of members of the Bryan family of Chicago, and their friends. The family made frequent trips to Canada and the United Kingdom. Many of the photographs reflect their travels. This means that they were a wealthy family. He wears a small cut-away jacket wiyh a small rounded collar. Notice that the jacket could be worn with other gsarments like bloomer knickers and pants. The jacket is worn over a matching dress outfit. With it he wears pantalettes or drawers which look made to match his outfit.


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Created: 3:54 AM 11/28/2004
Last edited: 6:28 AM 11/28/2004