Unidentified Boy (United States, 1850s)

Figure 1.-- We are not at all sure about fating this Daguerreotype. The boy here wears a longish cut-away jacket with contrasting dark, long kneepants. The jacket has fancy embroidery and split sleeves. He wears it with a scalloped white collar and tassels. Put the cursor on the image for an enlargement.

This 1/9 plate Daguerreotype of an unidentofied boy holding what looks to be a rifle. The riffle is presumably a toy. It is too small for a real ruffle and the boy to young to hsandle fire arms, even in America. He looks to be about 5 years old. There is also a small puppy on the table. These tables covered with draperies are a common features in dags, but puppies are quite rare. The toy riffle is also rare. He wears a suit jacket, but it is difficult to make out details. He also has a vest and wears a small bow, but we can't make out much about his shirt or blouse. The dag came in a darl blue case with an indigo blue pad. The dag is undated, but we would guess was taken in the 1850s, although the late 40s is possible.


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Created: 6:09 PM 5/12/2007
Last updated: 6:09 PM 5/12/2007