Figure 1.--Here we see Harry E. Trolach (writing indestinct). He was born in 1868. As he looks 9-10 yeats old here, the portrait was probably taken about 1877. Note the long kneepants and light-colored stripped longstockings.

Harry E. Trolich (United States, 1868-86)

Here we have a portrait of Harry E. Trolich. We are not positive about the spelling of the boy's name because the writing on the back is indestinct. . He is an American boy, although we are not sure where he lived. He was born in 1868. We have a portrait taken about 1877. He wears a kneepants suit with what looks like a bowler-style hat. He has light-colored stripped long stockings. Harry died at a very young age in 1886. We do not know why he died.


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