Scanning Images

Figure 1.--Here we have a wonderful image of an American family, probably taken about 1890. Unfortunately the person doing this scan did not use the descreening feature of his scanner. Notice the distracting pattern.

Some of the most fascinating information and images on HBC have been submitted by readers. This is particularly the case of readers outside of Ameruca where HBC has little experience and where language make gathering information difficult. Readers come to HBC with all kinds of computer skills. This includes scanning skills. Scanning can be a little difficult to readers who do not have much experince. There are a variety of useful internet sites which offer hints on scanning. Most readers are able to produce usseful imges with their scanners after a little experimentation. One problem we find that some readers have problems with is the destracting patterns which can appear when scanning printed material (images from newspapers and magazines) rather than photographs. The problem can be easily solved by using the descreen feature on your scanner. Most scanners have a descereen feature. Some scanners do not say descreen, but rather have an option for magazine/newspaoer images. That is the same thing as descreen. This is not necessary when you have the actual photograph. It is necessary when you scan images from magazines/newspapers and other printed material. The explanation is much more complicated than the actual descreen operation. A good clear explanation can ve found at: Scantips.


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Created: 7:11 PM 2/1/2006
Last updated: 7:11 PM 2/1/2006