Patrick's Friend Trevor

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New Friend

While in Adelaide I met a rich kid and we rather hit it off well. His name was Trevor. He was a bit older than me.

His House

He invited me over his huge house to play. It was quite a posh place. He got on great, but he seemed lonely and distant and had no friends to my knowledge.

School Uniform

I saw his school blazer. It was a black one with the red Rostrever badge on the pocket. "You go to Rostrever 'wow thats great isn't it.' 'No not really cos I don't have many friends there' he said glumly. He suggested me to change into his new school uniform. I changed in a spare room. I came out in the nice uniform. I was resplendered in a nice pair of long leg Midford grey shorts with lots of pockets, loop buckles for a school belt, lock studds, adjustable tabs, zip fly and a rather nice cut too. I had a striped blue shirt on, a red and black striped tie which I really liked as well as the lemon scented shirt, a grey vee neck grey jumper with the red and black colours and grey knee socks with the black and red colours on the tips near my knees. I wore a flash new pair of Clark's black school shoes and they made my poormans Corvins look ugly. He hanfed me a red and black quartered peaked cap to complete my regeneration. The cap was from his dad's days from a preparatory school in England somewhere. He took my photo and later showed it to my cousin who attended the same school as him. "It would be nice to change places with you for a year" he said."

I looked in a head to toe tall mirror on his wardrobe door,"I look like a English prep boy. I look topdraw" I smiled. There I was the version of I that shouldv'e been but would never be. A 10 year blond, blue eyed gem of a boy with million dollar dimples' ok a rough diamond. I thought to myself that dressed like this at that school, no one could tell my family wasn't very wsell off. My friend said, "I wish you were my little brother."


A week later his mum rang aunty to ask for me and only me to go over to Trevor's place for tea. I had to accept of course. I mean it's not every day a boy from my poor background gets invited to a real classy 'palace' to have a banquet. So I met Trevor and he seemed rather charged and in a top mood. His mother was a sweet lady. We had a wonderful tea. I remember that she said that I was a real charmer and that I had lovely dimples."

Surprising Offer

Later she tokd me, "Yes you are a lovely kind little boy. Trever wants you to stay in Adelaide to attend Rostrever College with him." I went white then red with embarracement from this lightening bolt from the blue. "I would love too but you are not family." I also rember saying, "The uniform is really nicer than my school clobber". She went on to say that I would return home every 2nd weekend to stay with my normal family and that my dad or mum would not have to worry about the school fees. I talked to Trevor's dad who was a very nice educated fellow with a hint of an English accent for some two hours. He almost talked me into living with them for good, a little brother for an 11 year old silvertail boy. But sadly I didn't.

Last Meering

I saw Trevor one last time when I was 14 years old. Something was missing. He seemed lost and oh so distant. He had lost his spark or his spirits were low. He was happy to see me after 4 years and again I was asked to stay with his family once more. I didn't and I think this was the most stupid decision that I have made in my 40 years on this earth. I later lost track of Trevor. I think he committed suicide in his late 20s. My parents marrige broke up a couple of months short of my 14th birthday. I guess life might have been for the better If maybe I had went to live with the late Trevor's fine family.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: August 10, 2002
Last updated: August 10, 2002