Belgian Boys Hair Styles: Bangs

Figure 1.--This Belgian boy was probably photographed in the 1920s, although it is difficult to be sure. He wears very full cut bangs, shaped rather than cut straight accross.

We note many images of Belgian boys with their hair cut in bangs. This was a very common style during the 20th century. We are less sure about the 19th century aa we have so few Belgian images to assess. There were many variations on the the basic bangs style, including the cut, shape, and fullness. Some were cut straight across while others were more shaped. This of course depended on the fullness of the boys' hair. This was also a popular style in neigboring countries and we are not yet sure if there were any variations associated with Belgium. We do not know if trends varied among the French and Futch speaking Belgians as to the poularity of bangs. Bangs may have been more common in Dutch speaking Flanders. Belgian girls also wore bangs, but often the sides and length of the hair was dome differently. We note boys to their early teens wearing bangs.


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Created: October 7, 2003
Last updated: October 7, 2003