Belgian Boys Hair Styles

Figure 1.--We note many portaits of Belgian boys in the early 20th century with short, cropped hair. The hair was so short in these cuts that bangs were not possible. This cut looks amazingly modern like hir styles in the eraly 2000s. This image is undated. We would guess it was taken about 1910. We do know that it was taken in Anvers. I am not sure if that is in Flanfers are Walonia. Click on the image to see the full portrait. Image courtesy of the MD collection.

HBC has at this time only limited information on Belgian hair styles. we are just beginning at this time to collect information on Belgian hair styles. We do not know of any specifically Belgian styles, but rather Belgian boys appear to have had largely the same styles worn by French and to a lesser extent, Dutch boys. We do not, however know many of the French or Dutch names for the various hair styles that we have noted. Hopefully our Belgian readers will provide information to help identify the various styles.


We note many images of Belgian boys with their hair cut in bangs. This was a very common style during the 20th century. There were many variations on the the basic bangs style, including the cut, shape, and fullness. Some were cut straight across while others were more shaped. This of course depended on the fullness of the boys' hair. This was also a popular style i neigboring countries and we are not yet sure if there were any variations associated with Belgium. Belgian girls also wore bangs, but often the sides and length of the hair was dome differently. We note boys to their early teens wearing bangs.


Cropped Hair

We note many portaits of Belgian boys in the late-19th and early-20th century with short, cropped hair. The hair was so short in these cuts that bangs were not possible. We see many school boys with short cropped hair. This was a commonly style on the continent, but not america and Britain. Short hair was common for school age boys, but became less common by the mid-teens.

Long Hair

Ringlet Curls

We notice both Belgian boys and girls wearing ringlet curls. Of course far more girls had their hair done in ringlets, but we see some boys as well. Our Belgian archive, especially our 19th century achchive, is not large enough to be able to establish prevalence or any chronological trends with any surity. Nor do we have enough images to be able to comment on ringlet styles. Ringlets appear to have been less common than in America, but on a par with France, at least among the Waloon amily. We are also unsure as to how many of the children with long hair had it done it ringlets. In American it was the vast majority, but on the continent it was more mixed. It does appear to be associated with social class. The images we have found look to be children from well to do families.

Top Curl

I am not sure what the contemporary term for this hair style was. IThe most notable feature was a kind of curl or partial curl on the top of the head. The hair at the side could be done in many different ways. There was no front fringe. We do not know when this style first appeared. We do know that the style was worn in the late-19th and early-20th centuries. The style is related to the chopette style that was popular in the 1930s-50s.


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Created: July 22, 2002
Last updated: 9:49 AM 10/25/2017