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HBC is always looking for sources of information, especially on line sources. This will allowed HBC readers interested in certain subjects to pursue their intersts in detaila nd then hopefully rerport some of their findings back to HBC. A reader has pointed out a valuable source of information on Canada. "I found a quite interesting site of the National Canadian (Quebec) Library. It's mainly in French, but there is a English summary and numerous old pictures of the French Canadian way of life in past years. I'm sure there are other interesting sites which we will add as we encounter them.

National Canadian (Quebec) Library (1870-1907)

A French reader reports that he found a quite interesting site of the National Canadian (Quebec) Library. It's mainly in French, but there is a English summary and numerous old pictures of the french Canadian way of life over the years. The Bibliothèque nationale du Québec was created on August 12, 1967 by an act of the National Assembly of Québec. The library inherited the collections, property and building of the Bibliothèque Saint-Sulpice, which had been acquired by the Québec government in 1944. The library also inherited the building of the Jewish Public Library, at 4499, avenue de l¹Esplanade, purchased by the province in 1966 in anticipation of the establishment of the Bibliothèque nationale. The pictures' bank of "Revues of another century" includes 7,000 photographs and drawings relating to Quebec, published in three periodicals between 1870 and 1907. No illustration was isolated even if sometimes some of them were of lesser quality. The only criterion of selection retained was the existence of a set of themes from Quebec present actually included in the illustration. It should however be noted that such an analysis was carried out from a widened point of view. Thus, the illustrations relating to the Americans of french-canadian origin were invariably retained. In the same way, for certain scenes illustrating with force the North-American social context. The periodicals used within the frame of this work are the following: L'Opinion publique (1870-1883), Le Monde illustré (1884-1902, 1907), and L'Album universel (1902-1907).

La banque d'images Revues d'un autre siècle comprend 7000 photographies et dessins relatifs au Québec publiés dans trois périodiques québécois entre 1870 et 1907. Aucune illustration n'a été écartée même si quelquefois certaines d'entre elles étaient de qualité moindre. Le seul critère de sélection retenu était l'existence d'une thématique québécoise présente dans la dite illustration. Il faut toutefois noter qu'une telle analyse fut réalisée dans une perspective élargie. Ainsi, les illustrations relatives aux Américains d'origine canadienne-française furent invariablement retenues. De même, pour certaines scènes illustrant avec force le contexte social nord-américain. Les périodiques utilisés dans le cadre de ce travail sont les suivants: L'Opinion publique (1870-1883), Le Monde illustré (1884-1902, 1907), et L'Album universel (1902-1907).

Christopher Wagner

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Created: October 8, 2001
Last updated: October 8, 2001