German Bangs: Age Trends

Figure 1.--These German brothers had their portrait taken, probably in the 1960s. Notice the younger boys have bangs and the older brother has his hair done a little differently. Bangs were a style especially popular for younger children, both boys and girls.

Age conventions for bangs have varied over time. We are not yet sure about conventions during the 19th cedntury. More information is available on the 20th century. Bangs seem to have been popular for younger boys in the early 20th century. We see them nuch more commonly worn by younger than older boys. Boys as they got older seem to have wanted hair they combed over at the front. This seems especially true by thee times boys reached about 11-12 years of age. We see these age conventions changing. We note younger teenagers wearing bangs in the 1970s, perhaps an influence from the Beatles.


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Created: 6:22 PM 11/4/2006
Last updated: 6:22 PM 11/4/2006