Italian Footwear: Ciocie

Figure 1.-- Here we see a pair of ciocie. They were worn in the country up until World war II. Today they are only worn as parts of folk costumes. Click on the image to see a village school in 1924. Many of the children are wearing ciocie.

An Italian reader tells us about "ciocie" (singular "ciocia") which were typical footwear in the country near Rome. The "ciocie" were very primitive footwear. They were a leather piece joined to leg by laces. Men and women, adults and children wore "ciocie". Today "ciocie" are worn only in folk festivals, but in little villages they was worn before 2nd World War. "Ciocie" was worn with socks or with a cloth enveloped to the foot, but also with bare feet. In the 1st picture we have a group of school children in 1924. They lived in ca rural village south of Rome.


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Created: 12:47 AM 1/27/2005
Last updated: 12:48 AM 1/27/2005