Indian Outings: Parks

Figure 1.--Here some Indian children are playing in the Botanical Garden "Lal Bagh" in Bangalore, a very popular city park.

Parks have made for popular outings for city childrem. European parks are primarily a 19th century phenomenon. We know much less about non-European countries like India. India has some beautiful parks which seem to have mixed princely-British origins. Many Indian orinces or maharajas had luxurious palaces and grounds. We assume they were not open to the public, but have no detailed information at this time. Apparently during the British Raj some of these palacial grounds were converted into public parks. Since indeoedence (1948), I'm unsure if the Indian Government has devoted resources to expanding existing parks and creating new parks. Here we have some images from Botanical Garden "Lal Bagh" in Bangalore. The Garden was founded by sultan Haider Ali in the 18th century, but the English colonial government substntilly enlarged it. Now it is a typical English botanical garden, with Victorian style greenhouses. It is very popular with the Bangalore population. You can meet all sorts of people from a wide swath of social classes who have come to enjpy the park. Families like to picnic in the park. Western tourists enjoy visits. The park is also popular with children. There are many school groups visiting the park as well as street children.


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