South African Boys' Clothes: Chronology

Figure 1.--This teenage boys wears a three-piece suit with a vest (waistcoat). The portrait was taken in Capetown. It is undated, but looks to HBC like it was probably taken in the 1870s, Image courtesy of the PH collection..

HBC at this time does not have detailed information about trends in South African boyswear over time. We have very few historical images in the HBC archives. The limited information we have suggests that since the British seized control of the Cape Colony that South African clothing styles have closely followed British styles. We are less sure about the Bohrs who moved inland and attempted to ditance themselves from the British. After the Bohr War (1899-1902) the images that we have noted suggest that the Bohrs also adopted British clothing styles. We have little informatio on how school uniforms and children's clothing in general has changed over time. While basically following British styles the South African climate over time has has some impact on clothing styles. A 2001 newspaper article entitled "Rather death than being out of Fashion!" provides some insights on current trends in South Africa.


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Created: January 30, 2004
Last updated: January 30, 2004