The Great Depression: Interview Questionnaire

Figure 1.--

The Depression is a topic that many of our student readers have asked about. One reader would like to collect information from individuals who lived through the Depression. He has prepared a questionnaire and would greatly appreciate any interested HBC readers filling it out. HBC will forward the results on to him as well as post them here in the Depression section.

1. How did you and your family survive the Great Depression?
2. How did it effect your family as a whole?
3. Did any of your freinds change with the Depression?
4 .Was your family a wealthy family?
5. What ocupation did your parents have?
6. What was your life like after the depression?
7. Did you still use money during the Depression or were your parents unemployed?
8. Do have any childhood stories that you would like to share with me?
9. Did you or your parents have any experience with New Deal agencies?
10. What did you or your parents think of President Roosevelt?
11. What is your name? [Optional]
12. When and where were you born?
13.If you have read any books on the Depression, does any of it relate to how you grow up?and why?
14. Is there any particular expieriences that realy stand out? and why?


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Created: March 11, 2004
Last updated: March 11, 2004