NAZI Cosmology: The Power of Occultism on Hitler and the NAZIs

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Modren readers have difficulty understanding the NAZIs and what caused them to commit such atrocious acts of barabarity in our suposedly civilized world. The murder pf Jews was an act of hatred. Regretably such acts of ethnic and racial hatred are all too common in histort, although not on the scale and ruthless efficency pursued by the NAZIs. The murder of children at first selected and then rejected from the Lebensborn Eindeutschung (Germanisation) program seems incomprehensible. For Himmler the elimination of these children was necessary because their racial makeup would pose a threat to the NAZI New Order. A HBC reader has compiled information on NAZI cosmology and the occult which provide further insights on Hitler and the NAZI mindset.

In order to better understand the hitlerism and the submission of all a people to the theory of the NAZIism that caused 20 million deaths, it is necessary to know than Hitler was a clashing mixture of paranoia and mediumnity.

World War I

Hitler's fascination with the occult and its influence on this regime were suppressed during his lifetime. Much of the symbolism, the torchlight parades, the SS runes, and the Nazi swastika, all reflect occult origins. As World War I opened, the British Foreign Secretary prophesied that the "lights are going out all over Europe", not to be relit again. This destructive conflict (and its child, World War II) spiritually and physically devastated Europe. With an old way of life gone forever, Numerology, phrenology, astrology, and other pseudo-sciences were popularized in Europe and in the United States. NAZIism and its racial theories flourished in this environment.

Secret Societies

Hitler was strongly influenced by the doctrines of various secret societies that practiced an occultism tinged of eastern philosophy and rejected the science of the era. Among these societies, let's note particularly "The Golden Dawn" of british origin, the "Group of Thulé" and the "Society of the Vril". The Group of Thulé (name of the mythical island where developed an antique big civilization just as the Atlantide) and its leaders, in particular the professor Karl Haushoffer, the journalist Dietrich Eckardt and the architect Alfred Roseberg that were in the 1920s the initiators of Hitler into esoterism and occultism, has been the magic and secret soul of the NAZIism. It situated the origin of the german people in central Asia, had frequent contacts with the Tibet and believed that from the hidden secrets of Thulé would arise the magic forces that would make of Germany the announcer of the New Mankind to come.

Welt Eis Lehre

Another master of Hitler was Hans Horbiger, furious prophet, Austrian as Hitler and creator of a doctrine rejecting the notion of the Big Bang: the WEL (Welt Eis Lehre) - The ice world. According to this theory, a sun one million times bigger than our sun would have entered in collision with a gigantic planet of ice that itself would have sunk into the center of that sun. Hundreds of thousands years later the water vapor would have done all to explode, giving birth to our solar system and to the milky way that would be only an ice band. The moon that we know being in fact the fourth moon of our planet, the three preceding having approached Earth then crushed on our Globe during the course of the three known cycles: the primary, the secondary and the tertiary, attracted by the force of gravitation. Towards the end of the tertiary, while the third moon was getting nearer and nearer, her gravity force created gigantic forms of lives, of which the Big Old Ancients that so numerous traditions around the the world say that they were our Gods. Then this third moon itself also crushed leaving only some survivors. Some species were the result of good mutations, others became only refuse with no human character, in particular the Jews, the Gypsies, and the Blacks.

Society of the Vril

The Society of the Vril also strongly influenced NAZI cosmology. The Society of the Vril promoted the idea that beings with superior psychic qualities lived in caves in the center of the earth. An theory of American origin was adopted, originating also from old Thibetan tradition (Agartha), the theory of the hollow earth: we would live not on the earth but inside, stucked against the internal face by the radiations of the sun situated in the center; the exterior of this system being made to the infinite of rock. ..!

The theory associated with "made to the infinite of rock" suggests that the earth is hollow and outside of earth the entire universe is rock. The sky we see with all those stars and galaxies does not exist (!) We would be looking to the inside of the big hole containing the sun, not outside. I am wondering how this theory explains night and day? The hollow earth theory was first published in 1818 by an American J.C. Symnes and further developed by another American in 1870 : C.R.Teed. A model in wood of Symnes globe is kept in the Philadephia Academy of natural sciences.

The NAZIs in April 1942 duting the middle of World War II actually dispatched a higly secret expedition equipped with the most recent radar sets to the Baltic isle of Rügen. At this time radars were in use and while still primitive by modern standards were playing a critical role in the air war over northern Europe. (The use of such critical equipment in the middle of the war testifies to the importance of NAZI cosmology in the Third Reich). The Rügen expedition pointed the radars towards the sky at an angle of 45° for several days. The purpose of this operation was to prove that the earth is concave and by the same occasion to obtain by reflective radar images of the British fleet anchored at Scapa Flow.


The true Hitler goal was not to create an pure Aryan race, but to give rise to this race as cradle of the New Man to come. Hitler in his dreams populated with nightmares, Hitler awakened, panting and trembling of an incontrolable panic, looking around him with bulging eyes and shouting: "This is him, this is him, he came here. I saw the new man, he is fearless and cruel; I had fear in front of him".



It is astonishing to note that within few years of NAZIism such a civilized country as Germany with a highly educated, ciltured population developed a completely different civilization from the rest of the Western world. The impact on culture was especially devestating. Goering said: "When I hear about culture, I take out my gun". [HBC note: Another HBC reader reports that it was Goebels that said this, Goering was the same man who professed a love of art and looted great works from museums all over Europe.] Goebbels was the Reich Minister of Propaganda. In April 1945 he and his wife killed their five children before committing suiside themselves.


Science was less affected than culture because scientific achievement was rewarded in areas related to industrial and war production and Germany had an important scientific establishment trained under the previous regimes. In the long run, science in the Third Reich would have also been affected as high academic standards previously maintained declined. Major changes were made in German education under the NAZIs. Teachers were appointed that were ardent NAZIs rather than academically qulified. These teachers often gave grades based on the ability to recite NAZI cant rather than academic performance. Many teachers were terrified about being reported to the Gestapo for even offhand comments. Great emphasis was given to sports and athletics under the NAZIs andacadmics increasingly took a secondary role. The deterioration of the educational system under the NAZIs would have in the next generation seriously undermined German science.

Even during the 12 years of NAZI rule, the science establishment did begin to decline. Jewish scientists were lost which especilly affected physiscs research. There is the debate over Heislberg? as to whether he impeded the development of a German bomb. Hitler's meling delayed the development and us of jet airplanes which could have had a major impact on the War. Some German scientists shared the crazy NAZI ideas. Most were just forced to work in the direction imposed by the NAZI diretors or the offer of funding for their projects. Werner VanBraun is an example here. Heinz Fischer is another example. He was in charge of the incredible Rügen story. After the War he emigrated to the States and worked in the Dayton laboratory (on the hydrogen fusion bomb) where he was the first to achieve a temperature of 1 million degrees. He declared: "The NAZIs obliged me to make a job of a madman that considerably disturbed my research.".


This essay was submitted by Gérald R. His original essay has been supplemented by HBC and HBC raders.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: May 11, 2002
Last updated: May 12, 2002