* Italian mail order catalogs with boys clothes -- companies

Italian Mail Order Catalogs and Advertisements with Boys Clothings: Companies

Figure 1.--E. Frette is an Italian textile company best known for its luxury linens. It was established in 1860. This is the cover of the E. Frette catalog in 1923. The company also opened retail outlets in several foreign countries. .

We have not yet found much information on Italian mail order companies. So far the only catalog company we have found during the 19th and early-20th century is E. Frette. The comapny was founded (1860). The compa=ny opened their first retail outlet in Milan (1878). They launched a catalog (1886). We are not sure to what extent it was a mail order catalog. And we are not sure how the company dealt with the problems in the Italian postal servive. Perhaps the problems we have noted in the post-World War II era were not pronounced in this earlier period. The compamy began opening outlets in major foreig cities (1970s). The major post-War Italian mail order conpany is Postal Market which was launched (1959). Postal market was eventually acquired by German mail order Otto Versand (1993), but the acquisition did not go well. Otto Versand devested (1998). An Italian incestot=r acquired Postal market. With the advent of the internet, we notice start ups selling over the internrt (2000s). There is some inficatiin that Itlaian postal service has improved in recent years.


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