The Knicker: Promotional Comic Magazine--Product Line (1931)

Figure 1.--Here we see the cover of a promotional comic book published by the Townsend-Ueberchein company, a manufacturer of boys' clothes. It ws published August 1931 as mothers were buying clothes for the new school year..

It was an advertising giveaway for the Townsend-Uebercheina clothing company that sells knickers and other garments for boys, they mention shirts, ties, knickers, suits, caps, longies, coats, and underwear. They mentiin knickers and longies, but not short pants. I'm not sure if the list they provided was incomplete or that the company did not make shorts. While knickers in 1931 were widely worn by boys, shorts pants were quite common during the summer, especially for younger boys. I don't quite undrstand wht the reference here to "official" means. The company was an official Boy Scout outfitter. I think that the reference, however, was to some kind of pie-eaters club sponsored by the company.


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