Clothing Manufacturer: Van Heek (the Netherlands)

Figure 1.--Dutch boys in the 1950s were wearing shorts sets with self belts, belts made in the same material as the shorts. I'm not sure what the advertisement meant.

We do not know much about Twika, except that it was a Dutch manufcturer, spdcializing we believe in woolen garmants. We note a Twika magazine ad, probanly from the early 50s. Tweka is a brand name. Tweka products are made by the Van Heek company in Holland. Dutch reades tell us that Van Heek was a quality brand name note for making durable, hard wearing clothing. The ad next to the boy reads in Dutch, ""Ik ben een heer!". Zo voelt hij zich in zijn nieuwe wollen Twekapakje. Tweka maakt wollen kinderkleding in enige modellen voor jongens en meisjes. . Zo warm en soepel in het dragen. U wt het wat is niet te vervangen. Als alles van Tweka schier onverslijtbaar, kleur-echt, tot in de puntjes afgewerkt. Let op het innaai-etiket want Tweka-kwaliteit slaat alles. Verkrijgbaar in de goede zaken." This translates as, "I am a gentleman"!. This is how he feels in his new woollen Tweka suit. Tweka manufactures woollen children's clothes in nice designs for boys and girls. So warm and flexible to wear. You know what cannot be substituted. As everything from Tweka practically indestructable, colorfast, punctiliously finished. Pay attention to the stitched label because Tweka quality beats everything. Available in the better stores." A Dutch reader writes, "Van Heek used to make the scout uniforms, especially corduroy shorts that really were indestructable."


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