Clothing Retailer: O. Williamson (Sweden)

Figure 1.--We note an ad for kneepants sailor suits by O. Williamson in Borås, a clothing manufacturing center. The ad is for boys from age 3-10 years. The top of the ad explains the different prices for the different sizes. I'm not surewhat the bottom of the ad says. We are not sure about the date, but believes that it comes from the 1900s.

We have very limited information on the O. Williamson company. It was located in Borås. The city of Borås was (and still is, but to a much smaller extent) the main place for manufacturing clothes in Sweden. Borås is the second largest municipality in western Sweden. It is situated about 30 min. to the east of Gothenburg in South-western Sweden. Today it is the dominating place of mail order catalogs. All we know for sure about the company at this time is that they were manufacturing sailor suits at the turn of the 20th century.


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Created: 11:11 AM 2/28/2005
Last updated: 11:11 AM 2/28/2005