Gender and Color: Postcards

Figure 1.--We see pink garments depicted in many postcards. As postcards often have unrealistic colors, they can not be used as evidence of how pink was used in clothing.

As explained above we know that pink was used for boy's clothing. Here the best source of information is the period catalogs offering items for sale. Painted portraits are also good evidence, but not definitive as the artit could have varied the colors. Here the black and white photography of the day offers no insights. Colorized photographs may be of some value, but have to used cautiously. One source of information is the many postcards depicting children. We have seen postcards using bright colors that may have been eye catching, but had no basis in reality. We note some post cards depicting pink clothes, but they for the most part are not real definitive proff that boys really wore these garments.

At first we were not sure where this postcard came from. The post card here was stamped and mailed in Finland, but no printing press marks except on front bottom (left), besides NPG. The snow in the image would certainly go along with Finland.


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