Girl's Historical Clothing: Chronological Listings--the 1830s

Figure 1.--We are not yet sure who painted this portrait, but looks as if it was done in the 1830s in the Austrian Biedermeier style. Notice the neckline and baloon sleeves. Also nitice the tinglet curls and center part.

The 1830s were a transitonal era in dress design. The simple high-wasted Empire dress with baloon sleeves of the early 19th century began to go out of fashion in the 1820s. Dresses in the 1830s began to show a hint of the more pronounced hour-glass dresses of the 1850s. The 1830s were the last decade before Queen Victoria who rose to the throne in 1838. The 1830s was also the last decade of the more open early 19th century. The Victoian era of the 1840s was an incresing restrictions on women who were relegated to the home and expected to defer to her husband. This was reflectd in the increasingly restrictive fashions which became more pronounced in he 1840s as the Victorian era unfolded. As a transitiuonal era there were no clearly pronounced recognizable style associatd with the 1830s, but rather a gradual shift between the two more easily recognizable earlier and later styles and eras. We still see some dresses in the 1830s with low necklines and baloon sleeves. The baloon sleeves were an especially important style. Children still wore long dresses at the beginning of the decade. Pantalettes were commonly worn as hemlines rose to just below the knee by thge end of the decade. The Biedermeier style was important in Austria. We note girls with ringlet curls.

Probably 1830s: White and purple dresses: American brother and sister

1830: Colored dresses: French children

1832: Smocks: French children

1834: Dresses with gigot sleeves and aprons: Austrian children

1836: Baloon-sleve dress: English boy

1838: Dress and pantalettes: German girl

1839: Blue dresses: American children


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Created: August 2, 2003
Last updated: 1:13 AM 6/29/2017