Difficult Images: Gender Identification

Figure 1.--This picture looks like three sisters. Certainly the child on the left is a girl. The middle child could be a boy. The child on the right has a boy's face. The center hair part and short hair suggest a boy, especially as the hair has been cut away from the ears. Note that the girl on the left has a center part, but while her hair is short it has not been cut away from the ears. One clue is that both older children wear identical lockets. This suggests to me that both are girls. The picture was taken in Lima, New York. I don't have the date, but I would guess about 1890.

Many of the images in this web site have been acquired with out the important details on who the people are and where and when the photographs were taken. Often we are forced to deduce the date from the style rather than use the date to follow style trends. Some of you have forwarded information and asked if I have any insights. In the case of children in dresses it is often difficult to determine gender.

Here are some difficult images I have encountered. Please let me know if you have any insights or thoughts about any of these images. For most of them we have no information on the children involved and would be interested in any insights readers may have.

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Created: November 15, 1998
Last updated: 8:52 PM 9/21/2005