difficult images: gender identification page 2

Difficult Images: Gender Identification Page 2

Figure 11.--HBC is not sure about this image. The outfit looks much like a kilt suit a boy might wear. The hair, however, is done a bit differently than the ringlet curls a boy might wear. Click on the image for a detailed assessment.

Many of the images in this web site have been acquired with out the important details on who the people are and where and when the photographs were taken. Often we are forced to deduce the date from the style rather than use the date to follow style trends. Some of you have forwarded information and asked if I have any insights. In the case of children in dresses it is often difficult to determine gender.

Here are some difficult images I have encountered. Please let me know if you have any insights or thoughts.

Figure 12.--HBC believes this child may be a boy. The toy train is the most obvious clue, but there are others. Click on the image for HBC's assessment.

Figure 13.--This child's face looks boyish, but it is very difficult to tell at this age. The dress has no destingishable boyish characteritics. It is very rare, however, for a girl to be photographed with a walking cane. Click on the image for HBC's assessment.

Figure 14.--This card de viste was stamped Bowmanville H.C. Tait & Co. HBC believes the portrait was taken in the 1880s. The child looks like a boy with short hair, but HBC does not see any boyish features to the dress which are worn with petticoats. Also look at the child's hat on the chair, it is not a boyish hat. Anyone have any insights? Click on the image for HBC's asessment.

Figure 15.--This image shows a family frim the 1900s. Note the two youngest children. The younger child on the right must be a girl, but there are reasons to believe that the child on the left is a boy. Click on the image for HBC's assessment.

Figure 16.--This child is clearly dressed as a little girl. His face, however looks like a boy. There are several reasons to think that he may be a boy. HBC would date the image at the turn of the 20th century. Click on the image for HBC's assessment.

Christopher Wagner

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Created: June 13, 2000
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