* historical girls' clothing: chronological listings -- 1910s

Girl's Historical Clothing: Chronological Listings--the 1910s

Figure 1.--We have little information on Belgian children's literature at this time. We do note an image of Belgian children in the early 20th century reading illustrated children's books. Some of these early books for younger children were not bound pages, but rather thick pages that opened up in a chain fashion althought they folded together in book form. This portrait is undated. All we know is that it was taken in Anvers.

The 1910s were dominated by World War I. The early 1910s are similar to the 1900s, but the austerity of the War years is followed by major fashion changes. There are large numbers of images of girls outfits, almost all dressess, archieved on HBC, both in American and European sections of our site. White dresses were popular as were sailor outfits. Often girls wore their dresses with pinafores. Girls also commonly wore smocks. We are less sure to what extent girls wore tunics and rompers. Hair bows were especially popular--some remarkably large. The shirtwaist and skirt were still a popular style for young women in the years before the War. The fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory had a major impact on labor and saftey legislation in the United States.


The 1910s: School portraits: American children


1910: Girls' white dressesAmerican farm girls

1910: Girl's dress: German girl rollar skating with her brothers

1910: Children's beach outfits: English children

About 1910: Working girls' clothes: American immigrant family

About 1910: Headwear: American school children

About 1910: Girl's dress and hair bow: Canadian family

About 1910: Gym bloomers: German gym uniforms

About 1910: Girl's white dress and fashionable shoes: Probably German teenager with her brother

1910: Girl's white dress and hair bow: American girl and boy

About 1910: Little girl's dress: French brother and sister

About 1910: Girl in a colored pinafore and short hair: American brothers and sister

About 1910: Fancy girl's dress: French girl

About 1910: Bonnets and white dresses: American brother and sisters

About 1910: Dress and trike: American girl

About 1910: Smock: American girl

About 1910: Stripped pinafore: American girl

About 1910: White dress: Belgian girl

About 1910: Plain dress: American girl

About 1910: White scarves with colorful blouses and skirts: Russian farm girls

1910: Long dress and Russian blouse tunic: American teenage sister and little brother


1911: Fancy hat and coat for Easter parade: American girl and brother


1912: White dress and romper suit: American girl and younger sibling

1912: Dresses and suits American family

1912: Sailor styled dresses and tunics: American siblings and cousins


1913: Schools dresses: Czech boys and girls

1913: Little girl's white dress and hair bow: American girl

1913: Little girls print dresses: American girls

1913: Folk dresses Fnnish twins


1914: Romper suit: American girl

1914: White dress and hair bow: American girl

1914: Top and long skirt: Italian (Sardinian) girl

1914: White dress with embroidered trim: Polish family


About 1915: First Communion dresses: American girls

About 1915: White lawn dress and ringlets: American girl

About 1915: Tunic suit and hairbow: American girl

About 1915: Hairbows, ringlets, and white dresses: American campers

About 1915-20: White dress: American girl

About 1915-20: Sailor dresses: American girls

About 1915: White dress: American girl

1915: White dress and pinafore-like garment: German girl


1916: Bloomers: American girls high school basketball team


1917: Tams: American teenagers

1917: Middy blouse and skirt with hair bow: Family portrait


1918: Embroidered dress with hair bow: German sister

1918: Striped dresses: Italian peasant girls


1919: Sailor dress: American family

1919: Helmet hat and coat: Canadian girl and brother

1919: Seaside clothing: Italian family

1919: Schholwear: Chinese school girls


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