*** American girls' dress styling

American Girls Dresses: Styling

American girl dress styles
Figure 1.--Here we see three sisters, we think in the 1890s. No studio information. Notice the upper sleeve treatment, characterristic of the 1890s.

We notice many different styles of dresses. We see Empire dresses, jacketed dresses, A-Line dresses , pinafore dresses, and many other styles. One popular style was sailor dresses. We notice an unidentified girl wearing an early print dress about 1850. Our knowledge of dress styles is limited. We hope to eventully be able to date these images which would helop grately in our ability to date the many images we have archived in our site. A great deal has been written about women's dress styles. This is a great focus of fashion historians. Women's fasgons of course infkluence girl's styles, but were not identical. We hope to leasr more as we add images and exoabnd our site. We welcome reader input here.


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Created: 6:03 AM 7/17/2023
Last updated: 6:03 AM 7/17/2023