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Figure 1.--English schools have had a major impact on school uniforms around the world. Many of the popular school uniform styles worn in many countries have evolved from styles originally worn in English schools.

Many HBC readers want to know about new pages being added to to the site. There are now over 10,000 pages on HBC. Thus it is impossible to find the new pages by surfing. There are two ways you can follow the new pages being added to HBC or major updates of existing pahes. HBC constantly adds new pages to our site. Pages are added virtually every day. There are several ways HBC readers can keep track of the new work. We over an new page alert e-mail service. There is also a chronological list of new pages maintained. Both of these services are availavle to HBC contributors. Contributors should E-mail HBC to sign up for these services.

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When you signed up for HBC you werehiven in our introductory e-mail an opportunity to receove new page alerts. This means an e-mail informing you thst a new opage has been created. This appears to work well with the exceotion of AOL and Netrscape (a AOL sunsidiary). The AOL system often blocks these alerts thinkong they are unrequested spam. If yoy are not getting these alerts and want them, just request them by sending an e-mail to HBC.

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Some HBC readers tell us that they would like to be able to access new pages, but do not want to receive E-mails on every new page added to HBC. We have also for several years now experienced problems dealing with AOL. Thus we have created this page for HBC readers. We will list new pages or existing pages to which we have added additional information. If you would like access to the monthly list of new HBC pages, just send HBC an e-mail.


These services are only available to current HBC contributors. HBC readers interested in either of these services should subscribe to HBC. Details are available here. shouild see the contribution page to see how to contribute. It is very inexpensive and extremely simple.


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Created: April 30, 2004
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