U.S. Boys' Clothing Pattern Companies: Robin (England)

Figure 1.--This is a Robin's pattern for a jumper (sweater) that probably appeared in the 1970s. I assume the school patterns offered by Robin were sweaters and perhaps scarves. I'm not sure what other school uniform item would have been knitted in the 1970s.

We notice Robin publishing a pattern catalog. The catalog we have seen looks like the 1970s or early 80s. It had school uniform items, primarily the jumpers (sweaters). We are not sure when Robin began publishing knitting catalogs. We note patterns as late as 1987. We see vintage Robin patterns being sold on the internet. The company does not appear to be in businessat this tome, but we have no further information on the company. Earlier socks were knitted, but this was not very common by the 1970s. Unfortunately many catalogs and most patterns were mot dated as is the case of the pattern here here (figure 1). We would guess this one was published in the 1970s.


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Created: 4:55 AM 8/10/2004
Last updated: 4:55 AM 8/10/2004