Photographers: Omer Beaudoin (Canada, 1912-2005)

Figure 1.--e don't know this boy's name, except that his last name is Watt. The name doesn't sound French, but he is growing up on a farm in Québc. Omer Beaudoin took the photograph in 1959 as part of a projct with the Québec Film Board. Le garçonnet de M. et Mme Oliver L. Watt, de Port Daniel ouest.  

Omer Beaudoin is noted for his photographs of Québec. His images focus on children of French Canadian farm families. He worked as a photographer at the Office du film du Québec" (Quebec Film Board). The Board reports that he created many pictures of "smiling children from the four corners of Quebec. .... Beyond pretty faces, mischievous looks, and farming landscapes, we find naivety, carefree, curiosity and wondering, so much a characteristic of childhood which crosses decades of years ...." A Canadian reader writes, "I don't know much about Beaudoin, I feel he was a kind of 'Sunday photographer'. "



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Created: January 4, 2004
Last updated: January 4, 2004