American Boys' Blue Summer Kilt Suit: Garments--Jackets

Figure 1.-- Here we see a closeup of the jacket. It looks to be a flannel material. Notice how buttons and piping was used in the detailing. Click on the image to see the back.

The jacket was styled like a regular suit jacket. The jacket here was done in the cut-away style popular for younger boys. This was especially common for suits to be worn with Fauntleroy blouses. The cut-away jacket was ideal for displaying the fancy blouses. Other styles of jackets, especially when worn with a vest, would have coverecd over the blouse. Of course it is a bit pointless to wear a fancy blouse if you are going to cover it over. The top shoulders of the jacket here were covered with the large collar of the Fauntleroy blouse. These were often done in expensive material like velvet for Fauntleroy suits. This jacket looks like flannel. The cut-away jacket here is doing with detailing which seems to simulate a lapel. Note also the connecting tab at the collar. The jacket had decorated side pockets. We also note piping and buttons used to decorate the side pockets and sleeve cuffs. These decorations are continued on the back of the jacket. The back is done as a point with three vent cuts.


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Created: 10:58 PM 11/14/2005
Last updated: 10:59 PM 11/14/2005