Australian School Blazer

Figure 1.--This is the standard girls' Soviet boys' school uniform worn during the 1980s. Click on the image for a back view.

An Australian reader has provided us some images of Australian scgool garments. They of course show a British influence. One of the most destinctive item was the school blazer done in a wide range of colors. These blazers were once commonly worn, but by the 1980s were mostly worn at private schools. The blazer on a previous page is from Pulteney Grammar school. It is a black blazer with white braiding to the edges and pockets. The Christian Brothers College has a very similar blazer, only done in purple rather than in black (figure 1). Many blazers were plain colors, but these two had the destinctive white braiding. Notice the destinctive badges. Schools once had matching caps but were gradually discontinued, probably in the 1970s. Some private schools retained them for the younger boys.


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Created: 8:28 AM 8/5/2006
Last updated: 8:28 AM 8/5/2006