Soviet School Uniform: Garments--Neckerchief

Figure 1.--This is the standard Soviet boys' school uniform worn during the 1980s. The jacket was dark blue with military styling. Notice the red neckerchief, badge, and pin.

The Red Pioneer neckerchief was 100 percent silk. Students joined the Pioneers in their 4th year of school. I think that students normally wore their neckerchiefs every day. Note the length of the neckerchief. The ones worn in the 980s seem smaller than the neckerchiefs we have nted erarlier. Also notice how it was tied. I'm not sure what the motivation was. I think many students were proud of being Pioneers. Whether the school authorities insisted or not, I am not sure. Also notice the Pioneer pin with Lenin's image. I'm not sure about about the badge on the sleeve. It may be some kind of school badge rather than a Young Pioneer badge.


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Created: 10:54 PM 6/9/2005
Last updated: 10:54 PM 6/9/2005